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Brett Murphy
(Website Designer)


Brett Murphy works as a police officer for a local city police department. He has been a volunteer member of the Wrightwood / Phelan Search and Rescue Team for over 5 years and spends most of his spare time hiking and camping in the local mountains. Brett has lived in Wrightwood for over 21 years and seeks to further his involvement with the community.

In Murphy Concepts, Brett is responsible for the planning design implementation of major website projects. He also handles the marketing and search engine optimization for the company and websites deisgned through Murphy Concepts.

Ryan Murphy
(Website Programmer)


Ryan Murphy works as a paramedic in the Antelope Valley and has also lived in Wrightwood for over 21 years. Ryan spends a lot his spare time doing local outdoor activities like camping in the summer and snowboarding in the winter months.

In Murphy Concepts, Ryan handles all of the major programming needs within each website project. He specializes in PHP programming and making dynamic content interact with website databases. Ryan handles all technical support issues within the company.